Cars Not Properly Cleaned Off After Snow Storms

Posted in Blog, Personal Injury by on February 5th, 2015

Massachusetts-Defective-Toys Winter has officially arrived here in Massachusetts and with all New England winters come perilous road conditions. Most drivers in Massachusetts have had the unfortunate experience of driving behind a vehicle that was not properly cleaned off after a storm. Oftentimes, a driver, who is either lazy or in a hurry, clears just enough snow off their windshield to see through a small hole. However, as the car warms up, the remaining snow and ice on the vehicle melts and slides off the roof into traffic. Whether the snow falls off a vehicle going 20 miles per hour on a side street or 65 miles per hour on the highway, it adds significant hazard to already dangerous driving conditions.

Failing to properly clean off a vehicle can lead to accidents causing injury, property damage and even death. These consequences can have a profound effect on both the person who suffers as a result of the accident and their loved ones. For this very reason, many states have proposed and enacted laws specifically prohibiting this type of reckless and negligent conduct. In fact, the Massachusetts Legislature has recently proposed legislation prohibiting the operation of a vehicle covered with snow and ice. Additionally, a driver who does not properly clean off a vehicle can be fined under Massachusetts’ impeded operation statute, which provides that, “No person, when operating a motor vehicle, shall permit to be on or in the vehicle or on or about his person anything which may interfere with or impede the proper operation of the vehicle or any equipment by which the vehicle is operated or controlled.” In cases where an injury or death occurs, the driver could also face civil, and even criminal, liability for his or her reckless or negligent behavior.

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Car Accidents: How to Protect Teenagers

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rental-agreementAccording to the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles, motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of teenage injuries and deaths in the United States. Sadly, thirty-nine traffic fatalities in the State of Massachusetts in 2012 involved a teenager. Teenage drivers are inexperienced and as a result are four times more likely to be injured in an automobile accident and are twice as likely to injure someone else.

Having a loved one involved in a motor vehicle accident can be problematic, however, an accident caused by a teenager can be even more devastating because the consequences can destroy the teenager’s life and the lives of those around them.

Massachusetts teen drivers at most risk to be in a motor vehicle accident are males who are 2 times more likely than teenage females to be involved in a motor vehicle accident, teens driving with other teen passengers, and newly licensed teens (the risk of accident is greatest during the months immediately following obtaining a license). Teen drivers also have the lowest use of seatbelts. For example, in 2013 only 55% of teenagers said they used there seatbelt when driving with someone else.
Some of the reasons that Massachusetts teenagers are more likely to be involved in a motor vehicle accident are:

• Speeding
• Inexperience
• Risky driving behaviors
• Drinking
• Driving with teen passengers
Cell phone use/texting
• Underestimating dangerous situations
• Nighttime driving
• Drowsy driving
The good news is the number of car accidents involving teenage driver is trending downward and has decreased by 50% since Massachusetts raised the training requirements for teenage drivers seeking licensure and also, increased the penalties for teen driving infractions, such as speeding.
Graduated Licensing Systems are a proven way to decrease teen accidents and fatalities by putting restrictions on teen drivers that are gradually lifted as the teen gains the experience and skills necessary to be a better driver. Parents are a key tool in preventing teen accidents in Massachusetts by helping to teach safe driving as well as understanding and helping to enforce the laws.

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