Dog Owners- Do Know Massachusetts Liability Laws If Your Dog Bites Someone?

Many of us can identify with the surprise of being on a walk or a run and a neighbor’s dog comes charging, barking and lunging at us. It is estimated that in the United States 1000 people every day suffer injuries from a dog bite. If you or your child has been injured from a dog bite, what steps should you take to receive compensation?

The state of Massachusetts has a law of strict liability for dog owners. The owners of the dog are responsible for any injury from a dog (unless the dog was reacting to taunting, etc.). If you have been bitten, the help of a trusted legal advisor to prove liability may be beneficial, as in some cases it may be difficult to prove fault. If a child under the age of seven was bitten, no matter what the circumstances were  surrounding the attack, the dog owner is responsible for the injury.

It is important that photographs are taken of the bite marks after the fact, as well as specifics of what treatment you have received for the injury to be presented as proof for your case.

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