Wrongful Death Suit Filed In Massachusetts Cyclist Death

cyclist accidentSummer is here, which means that many of us will be taking to the great outdoors for as much time as we can. Walking, running, swimming, biking- the South Coast and Cape Cod areas of Massachusetts are full of wonderful locations and options to enjoy the warm weather. As we take to the streets if we are running or biking, however, we must use extra caution, as has been sadly shown in the past few years. Pedestrian and cyclist accidents are on the rise, leaving many people with serious injuries, and even sometimes resulting in death.

Last August in Wellesley, MA, Alex Motsenigos, a 41-year-old cyclist was struck and killed by an 18-wheel dump truck as he was on the road. The truck attempted to pass him, but did not have enough room to pass and the trailer struck Motsenigos, pushing him under the truck. This horrible accident would be sad in itself, but further investigation reveled some more interesting factors.

The driver of the truck, Dana McCoomb, an employee of C.J Mabardy Inc was found to have a driving record that was less than model. Since 1982 his license had been suspended 19 times, along with several accidents and moving violations. The family of Motsenigos has recently filed a wrongful death suit against McCoomb and is suing C.J Mabardy Inc. This suit claims that at the time of his accident with the cyclist, McCoomb was driving with a suspended license.

McCoomb’s trial did not lead to an indictment.

A serious accident can leave the family of the victim feeling upset, confused, and angry. It is important that you speak with a trusted, experience legal advisor at this time to help you through this upsetting process, while making sure that you get what you deserve.

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