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When Flipping is a Flop: Tort Actions Against Home Improvement Contractors in MA
By: Attorney Kevin C. Costa | Associate From Fixer Upper, to House Hunters and Property Brothers, perhaps it is a result of the abundance of HGTV programming on home improvement [...]
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By: Cara M. Kuzmiski – Law Clerk We’ve all done it, slipped or tripped and ended up on the ground. Hopefully nothing more than our ego is bruised, but what [...]
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Who Let the Dogs Out?! No, Seriously, Who Let Them Out?
Regardless of the answer, if you own a dog, reading this article could save you from serious legal consequences concerning your beloved companion. This post explains the Massachusetts Dog Bite [...]
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Tax Reform’s Impact on Divorce
The 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act imposes sweeping changes to the tax code. Many of the changes will affect taxpayers going through a divorce. Effect on Personal Exemptions Old [...]
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Who Gets the Ring if an Engagement Falls Through & Why You Might Not Want…
By: Attorney Dianna M. Williams | Associate You want it to be perfect. You painstakingly plan the date, time and place where you will pop the question and ask your [...]
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Condominium Trustee Actions
By: Attorney Corey T. Pontes| Associate When one becomes a trustee of a condominium association, the expectation is that all of the trustees will be diligent in paying the dues [...]
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