Understanding Trusts in Massachusetts

Posted in Blog, Real Estate by on February 27th, 2017

By: Attorney William Rosa| Partner My last blog focused on the various forms of tenancies in which you can hold real estate in Massachusetts. This blog is an expansion of my previous blog dated September 6, 2016 in which we are going to discuss an alternative type of ownership which is commonly used today in Massachusetts. Today’s subject is Trusts. For those of you not familiar with the con… Read More

The Devil is in the Details – Documents to collect when facing divorce

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By: Attorney Jeffrey D. Kiesling | Associate If you believe that you may be facing divorce, you should secure all available financial documents. In most divorce cases the family’s finances are the primary focus of the divorce action because the parties want to know who gets what. The Court will rely on financial records as its basis for dividing the property, assets and liabilities of the marri… Read More

Obtaining Payment of a Judgment for Money Damages

Posted in Blog, Miscellaneous by on January 23rd, 2017

By: Attorney Dianna M. Williams| Associate A judgment represents the end of a court case. A valid judgment resolves all contested issues and terminates the lawsuit.  It states who wins the case and what remedies the winner is awarded, which typically includes money damages, injunctive relief, or both. The “winner” of the lawsuit is often referred to as the judgment creditor and the “lose… Read More


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By: Attorney Patricia E. Couto| Associate Buying or selling a home is not an easy process and involves many different people, stacks of paperwork, complex legal documents, and occasionally several attorneys. Buying or selling your home will be one of the most important financial decisions that you face and it is important to make sure you know the parties involved, understand the documents you… Read More


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By: Attorney Corey T. Pontes| Associate In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, summary process is the procedure by which a landlord evicts a residential tenant through the court. Summary process is governed by the Uniform Rules of Summary Process, which can easily be found online. In order to begin the summary process procedure, a landlord must first serve a tenant with a Notice to Quit. The notic… Read More


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By: Cara Kuzmiski| Law Clerk Massachusetts has been progressively taking a more liberal view on the use and regulation of marijuana within the state over the past eight years. In the 2008 election, Question 2 was approved which decriminalized the possession, by adults, of an ounce or less of marijuana. A person found in possession of less than one ounce of marijuana would receive a civil penalty… Read More

Former Owners Are Required to Raise All Claims Arising out of the Same Transaction or Occurrence in Summary Process Proceedings.

Posted in Blog, Business Law by on November 15th, 2016

By: Attorney Raymond C. Pelote| Partner Any former owners who have been foreclosed upon tend to use the Housing Court as its battleground to contest the foreclosure. Once a property is foreclosed upon and the property is purchased by the foreclosing mortgagee or its nominee, the foreclosing mortgagee or its nominee typically proceeds to evict former owners from the property. However, in the cours… Read More

Massachusetts “Recreational Use” statute and Waiver of Liability Forms

Posted in Blog, Personal Injury by on October 31st, 2016

By: Peter Thomas| Law Clerk Ever thought about learning to rock climb or, even, skydive? Chances are good that before you ever get a foot off the ground you’ll be required to sign a release or waiver of liability form. A release or waiver from liability is a proactive measure designed to protect the owner/operator from being held accountable should you become injured in course of your participa… Read More

I Have Been in an Automobile Accident, Do I need an Attorney?

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By: Attorney Kevin J. O’Malley| Partner Auto accidents, even relatively minor ones, are traumatic. Loss of transportation, personal injury, lost time from work, filling out accident reports, dealing with insurance adjusters … What should you do if you are in an automobile accident? Be sure to document as much as you possibly can. Get the name, address and insurance carrier of all vehicles… Read More


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By: Attorney William Rosa| Partner Whenever you are acquiring real estate it is important to have your attorney assist you in determining the manner in which you will hold title to the property. The manner in which you hold title is important for a variety of reasons including liability protection and succession or estate planning. In Massachusetts, there are four basic tenancies that are used to… Read More