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By: Attorney Ryan Prophett | Associate   Many individuals in Massachusetts view buying rental property as a good investment and an alternative to putting their money in the stock market where they have no control.  However, most new landlords do not hire an attorney to advise them and create the necessary lease documents to protect their interests.  The two biggest mistakes that we… Read More

ASSET PROTECTION: Homestead v Trust

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By: William Rosa | Partner I had previously blogged relative to the Massachusetts Homestead Exemption and the importance of having one in place in order to protect the equity which you may have in your primary residence.  The alternative to the Homestead could be the use of a Trust. In its simplest terms, a Trust separates the legal title holder of real estate (the “Trustee”) from the tru… Read More

Planning for Incapacity and End-of-Life Care

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By: Dianna M. Williams | Associate When a person gets older, or when a person sustains a serious illness or injury, difficult health care decisions may need to be made. While you have the right to make decisions about your own medical care, an unforeseen accident or ailment could prevent you from being able to make those decisions or communicate them to others.  Therefore, it is important to con… Read More

Has your child suffered injuries from lead paint?

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Patricia Alexandre, Esq.| Law Clerk Families moving into an older home with children under the age of six should be extremely cautious of lead paint. Hundreds of young children are poisoned by lead paint in Massachusetts each year. Children exposed to lead may suffer from permanent brain damage, kidney failure, as well as behavioral and learning disorders. If your child has been injured as a resu… Read More

Protecting your assets, the importance of filing a homestead in Massachusetts

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William Rosa | Partner A homestead is an essential part of any financial planning and protection package that any individual, irrespective of their circumstances, should take advantage of. A homestead is a statutory creation which provides for extra protection for landowners beyond what the common law provides. In its simplest terms, a homestead is a device which protects the equity of a person… Read More

Summary process actions and how bankruptcy affects a party’s right to challenge a foreclosure

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Melo v. Villarcon: Summary process actions and how bankruptcy affects a party’s right to challenge a foreclosure On January 9, 2015, Attorney Ryan E. Prophett of Wynn & Wynn successfully represented a Plaintiff in a summary process action. Attorney Prophett argued to establish the Plaintiff’s right to a house in Randolph that he purchased at a foreclosure sale. The house was occupied by t… Read More

Mechanic’s Lien: Protecting the Services You Have Provided

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Under Massachusetts law, a contractor, sub-contractor, and/or supplier who has provided services and/or materials for the improvement of materials may secure their right to payment by recording a Mechanic's Lien. Unfortunately, due to the strict procedural requirements of the Massachusetts Mechanic's Lien statutes many contractors don't take advantage of its benefits. The Massachusetts law gove… Read More

What Homeowners Need To Know About Swimming Pool Liability

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  With the onset of spring here in South Coast Mass, thoughts of warm weather, the beach, and swimming pools may begin coming into your head. You may be considering installing a pool in your backyard this year, or you may already have one. While they do bring much enjoyment, swimming pools also expose you to a higher level of liability as a homeowner. The sight of a swimming pool is somet… Read More

Massachusetts Business Owners- Permits, Zoning, and Your Business Plan

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If you are a business owner in the Raynham or Taunton area, you may have decided that the space your business is in is no longer meeting all of your needs. You may be considering expanding your business by purchasing your own space or constructing a new building.  There is more involved to commercial real estate then just finding that perfect location though, and if you are not aware of these fac… Read More

Landlord /Tenant Procedure In An Eviction

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Owners of rental properties at times may know all too well the difficulties that can arise in a tenant/landlord relationship. In some cases, the situation may reach the point where the landlord desires to evict the tenant, whether it be for nonpayment, or some other lease violation. What is the process that must be followed? There can be a lot of variables in tenant/ landlord cases, so it is im… Read More