What to do if Injured at Work in Massachusetts

Posted in Blog, Personal Injury, Workers Compensation by on October 3rd, 2014

Have you or a loved one sustained an injury at work in Massachusetts? If you were injured at your workplace it can be a very confusing time. Workplace injuries can cause the employee to lose a time from work which in many cases can lead to severe financial difficulty. Workers Compensation pays only a percentage of lost wages to an injured Massachusetts worker. Pain and suffering are not paid as… Read More

Developments in Premises Liability

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Building Code Violations and Strict Liability By: James M. McCarthy, Esq. The Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts (“SJC”) recently clarified prior disagreement between the statutory construction and caselaw interpretation of strict liability for violation of state building codes in Sheehan v. Weaver, 467 Mass. 734 (2014). The Court in Sheehan came to a twofold interpretation of strict… Read More

Product Liability: Is your vehicle at fault for an accident?

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Product Liability
With summer here most of us spend more time on the road, that’s why it is important to stay on top of the safety of your vehicle. If there are issues involving the safety of your vehicle the manufacturer may be liable for any damages under products liability law. There have already been numerous recalls this year from major automotive companies such as General Motors and Toyota. These companies… Read More

Injuries resulting from Fireworks

Posted in Personal Injury by on July 7th, 2014

This past weekend was the 4th of July: This holiday can be a source of fun and entertainment, but at any moment it can turn into a disaster due to injuries resulting from the use of illegal consumer fireworks. Fireworks are extremely dangerous when the displays are conducted by unlicensed individuals and lead to many injuries each year. Each 4th of July thousands of injuries related to firework… Read More

What Homeowners Need To Know About Swimming Pool Liability

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  With the onset of spring here in South Coast Mass, thoughts of warm weather, the beach, and swimming pools may begin coming into your head. You may be considering installing a pool in your backyard this year, or you may already have one. While they do bring much enjoyment, swimming pools also expose you to a higher level of liability as a homeowner. The sight of a swimming pool is somet… Read More

Car Accidents On The Rise This Travel Season

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The next few weeks will be filled with shopping and travel for New Englander's, and for residents throughout the Raynham and Taunton area this time can also be a time filled with traffic, icy roads, high winds, and slushy snow. Aside from the overall inconvenience caused by this inclement weather and congestion, car accidents will be on the rise. What should you know if you have been involved in a… Read More

Medical Malpractice Third Leading Cause Of Death In U.S

Posted in Blog, Personal Injury by on October 9th, 2013

Medical malpractice is something that has unfortunately come to be quite common in recent years, and residents of southeastern Massachusetts are no strangers to the idea. Studies have been conducted to examine just how common medical malpractice is, with some alarming results. The Journal Of Patient Safety has recently published data which shows medical malpractice as the third leading cause of de… Read More

What Is Mitigation and What Should Car Accident Victims Know About It

Posted in Blog, Personal Injury by on August 20th, 2013

Being involved in a car accident can seem to present one challenging day after the next. Coping with injuries that were caused by someone else can present its own set of challenges. Feeling overwhelmed, helpless, and depressed can make the road to getting better a difficult one. Some victims may feel that since they are expecting to receive compensation for their injuries and loss of wages, it is… Read More

Are Birth Injuries Considered Medical Malpractice?

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Few events are as eagerly anticipated and awaited as the birth of a child. There are few things as sad and upsetting for parents as a birth injury, especially if it is an injury that could have been prevented. There are about 27 birth injuries in every 1,000 births, and most of these are the result of someone’s negligence. A birth injury is defined as the any injuries or damage that results t… Read More

Workplace Violence Is More Common Than You May Realize

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Residents in a densely populated urban area like Taunton/Raynham are unfortunately accustomed to hearing of cases of workplace violence. Convenience store clerks are held up, food delivery drivers are at a risk as they make their deliveries after dark, and in extreme cases,office workers have been seriously injured and even killed when a former employee raids their former workplace armed and deran… Read More