What to do if Injured at Work in Massachusetts

Massachusetts Workers Compensation. Have you received an injury due to work in Massachusetts.

Have you or a loved one sustained an injury at work in Massachusetts? If you were injured at your workplace it can be a very confusing time. Workplace injuries can cause the employee to lose a time from work which in many cases can lead to severe financial difficulty.

Workers Compensation pays only a percentage of lost wages to an injured Massachusetts worker. Pain and suffering are not paid as a part of Massachusetts workers compensation claims. Hiring an experienced attorney as soon as possible following the workplace injury is essential to ensure that you are compensated fairly for the injury.

Although there is no recovery for pain and suffering under the Massachusetts workers compensation act, many times there is another party, other than the employer or fellow employees, who may be responsible for the injury. In a situation where a third party is responsible for the injury, a negligence claim may be brought against that third party. Examples of when a third party may be responsible for your Massachusetts work injury are; when an injury is caused by a defective product or the negligence of a general contractor or property owner.

Your employer and the insurance companies have attorneys working for them and looking out for their interests. This makes it important for you to know your rights and responsibilities. In order to make sure that you have the best chance possible at being paid fairly you should follow these recommendations.

1. Report the injury to your employer as soon as possible following the proper procedures that the employer has in place for reporting such claims.

2. Keep a detailed account of what happened including the names of any witnesses.

3. Get medical attention as soon as possible.

4. Consult with an experienced attorney as soon as possible to ensure that you are rightfully compensated.

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