Category: Product Liability

Injuries from Defective Toys in Massachusetts
The holiday season is a time for family gatherings and friendly merriment but it can also expose children to the dangers and the potential of injuries from unsafe or defective [...]
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Product Liability: Is your vehicle at fault for an accident?
With summer here most of us spend more time on the road, that’s why it is important to stay on top of the safety of your vehicle. If there are [...]
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What Homeowners Need To Know About Swimming Pool Liability
  With the onset of spring here in South Coast Mass, thoughts of warm weather, the beach, and swimming pools may begin coming into your head. You may be considering installing [...]
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Popular Diabetes Drug Actos Linked To Bladder Cancer
Diabetes has become one of the most widespread diseases in the United States, and it is the leading underlying cause of deaths. An estimated 26.9% of all people over the [...]
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Victims of Fosamax Recall Recieve Compensation
Recently, there has been quite a few drugs and devices released to the public that have led to serious medical conditions, and resulted in countless recalls and lawsuits. If you [...]
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Hip Replacement Recall Leads to Thousands of Lawsuits
Medical recalls are an unfortunate fact. We have all heard the commercials on TV, for medications with countless side effect warnings, or ads warning of serious dangers that have presented [...]
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Product Recalls and Claiming Your Settlement
Product recalls are a fact of life.  We hear about them so often that we may not pay much attention to them as we see them. Occasionally though, the initial [...]
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Drug Side Effects and Product Liability
With our lives becoming longer and busier, many of us rely on medications to improve or maintain our quality of life. For example, when we suffer from depression, need birth [...]
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