Category: Criminal Law

Search of a Vehicle- Do You Have To Consent?
It is common knowledge that in order for police to search an individual’s home, they need a warrant or probable cause before they can enter the premises. Many people are [...]
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How Having an Attorney Could Protect You From Pretrial Detention
Worldwide, nearly 10 million people charged with crimes will be detained in the time period leading up to their trials. This process has been one that has come under review [...]
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Self Representation v. Using a Defense Attorney in Criminal Cases
In the instance that you have been charged with a crime in Massachusetts, as the defendant you may feel that given the time to do research, you could defend and [...]
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Cyber Bullying and Cyber Harassment Laws in MA
Recently in the Southeastern Massachusetts area, we have heard of countless cases of “cyber bullying” and “cyber harassment” amongst teens and adolescents. Social networks have provided bullies with a completely new [...]
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DUI – Navigating The Appeal Process
The state of Massachusetts is known for having strict laws regarding operating under the influence (OUI, DUI). These laws may result in implications that could affect you for quite some [...]
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Distracted Driving Can Lead to More Than A Fine
Is distracted driving really that dangerous? Since 2010 the use of a cell phone to send any kind of electronic message has been banned in the state of Massachusetts.  Drivers could now [...]
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Drunk Driving Laws in Massachusetts
Drunk driving is one of the most common crimes committed in Massachusetts and usually by individuals without a criminal history. Anyone, from a mom who had a glass or two [...]
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