Self Representation v. Using a Defense Attorney in Criminal Cases

why use defense attorney in criminal case

In the instance that you have been charged with a crime in Massachusetts, as the defendant you may feel that given the time to do research, you could defend and represent yourself in court. Defending, questioning witnesses, studying the crime and the courtroom proceedings- what else is there that an attorney could do to assist you?

While many facts of court proceedings in a criminal case could be found with research, certain procedures and rules are not easily understood or even found. A criminal court proceeding may include many factors that are debatable based on court opinion, which the defendant may not have even been aware of.

A defense attorney has the opportunity to gather information from the prosecution’s witnesses with greater ease than someone who is representing themselves. Witnesses may feel uneasy communicating with an individual who has been accused of a crime, making it nearly impossible for the self-represented defendant to obtain any information prior to the trial.

A good defense attorney may be able to negotiate a plea bargain on behalf of the defendant, which can result in reduced sentences and maybe even lessening the criminal charges. Most prosecutors may not be willing to negotiate with a self-representing defendant. An attorney can also assist the defendant when pleading, as the defendant may not thoroughly think through what it fully means to plead guilty.

Being charged with a crime can be a nerve-racking and upsetting time, and an attorney can help prep the defendant to testify, and also a clear guide of what will happen during the court proceedings. This knowledge is important for the defendant if they have been offered a plea bargain by the prosecutor, so they can decide whether to accept this offer or not.

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