Man Gets Job Back After US Department of Labor Demands He Is Rehired

Wrongful-TerminationAs has been brought out in some of our previous blogs, workplace injuries are a common occurrence in the state of Massachusetts. Unfortunately, some jobs create many situations where injuries can happen. But what if someone has a job that provides a public service of some sort, and the possible injuries are not to the worker- but to the public?

Public transportation providers have an obligation to those that they transport to maintain the equipment and operate it in a way that does not endanger the passengers. At times, accidents may occur that were not the direct fault of the company, but from other drivers or individuals. In a recent case, however, a train conductor realized that certain safety precautions and procedures were not being followed. He repeatedly reported these violations, and eventually his supervisor and he became involved in a heated argument, resulting in him losing his job because the company claimed that he violated a policy against workplace violence.

The U.S Department of Labor’s Administrative Review Board (ARB) demanded that the conductor be re-hired following the incident. The company requested a delay in the rehiring of the gentleman, which the ARB refused to grant.

If you have recently been fired from a job under circumstances which are unlawful, discriminatory, or unfair, it is important that you consult a legal representative to help examine and investigate your case. It may be possible for you to receive financial compensation for wages and benefits lost due to your wrongful termination.

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