Cyber Bullying and Cyber Harassment Laws in MA


Recently in the Southeastern Massachusetts area, we have heard of countless cases of “cyber bullying” and “cyber harassment” amongst teens and adolescents. Social networks have provided bullies with a completely new medium that has proven to be more dangerous then ever before. But young ones are not the only ones that can be victims of cyber harassment.

Because of so many cases amongst young people and adults of cyber bullying and cyber harassment, Massachusetts, along with many other states, have made laws regarding “Cyber Stalking”. Massachusetts’ law defines physical stalking as a willful and malicious pattern of conduct that seriously alarms and would cause a reasonable person to suffer substantial emotional distress. This law has now been expanded to include any form of communication including cyber communication. This offense can result in a fine for the offender and up to 5 years jail time.

In some cases of cyber stalking, the offenders have pretended to be someone else in order to draw their victim out. In one case in Louisiana, a man created a false Facebook account and contacted 2 professors at his university and a fellow student, even presenting himself as a fellow victim to these individuals as he spoke to them in person. He was charged with cyber stalking, sentenced to one year in jail and to pay $2,000 in fines.

If someone is harassing you in a cyber format it is important that you document any correspondence that they are attempting to have with you, and to avoid getting involved in any back and forth conversations with them. If the harassment continues, or you begin to fear for your safety you should not hesitate to contact the authorities and speak with your lawyer to see what may be done to stop this harassment.

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