Are You Still Eligible For Workers Compensation With A Preexisting Condition?

The concept of workers comp is one that most people are familiar with. The basic idea is that if you are injured while on the job site, or while working, financial compensation will be provided to cover your medical bills, lost wages, and compensation for some cases of scarring. But is that all that workers compensation claims will cover?

What many people don’t realize is that in some cases you can receive compensation if something was the result of a preexisting  condition , or if working conditions or some event that happened on the work site has caused you some sort of emotional or physical ailment. That being the case, if you have been injured at work you should contact a legal adviser as soon as possible so that you can be properly represented, and receive the maximum compensation. If your claim is successful the insurance company will usually cover your legal fees, Or the court may include your fees in your compensation.

workers-compIf you do receive compensation the law will limit how long you can receive compensation for. In our state of Massachusetts the maximum you may receive partial and total benefits is seven years.

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