Can’t I Just Handle My Case Without A Lawyer?

Residents of Taunton and Raynham may find many situations in life require the assistance of a lawyer. Some may be obvious- when facing criminal lawyer_jaxcharges or after suffering from a substantial injury at the hands of another person. But there are some seemingly minor issues that may arise in life that if not handled properly may cause us to lose time and money down the road. These situations are best tackled with the help of a trusted legal adviser.

Can’t I just handle matters myself?

In some situations, it may not even cross your mind that you need a lawyer- starting your own business, collecting back rent from a tenant etc. Why might it be best to consult with a lawyer instead of going it alone? A lawyer can help you check all angles of a matter and consider the many laws that could affect your particular case, making it more likely that you get the results you deserve. In the case of starting your own business, there may be certain laws in the area that you are not aware of, and consulting a lawyer can help protect you and your business down the road.

A recent academic study was done on attorney representation when filing a for a trademark. The study showed that over a 25-year period, those who were represented by a lawyer had a 60% rate of having their trademarks successfully registered, while those without an attorney had only a 42% success rate.

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