Is Distracted Driving Really That Dangerous?

distracted-driving-tipsDistracted driving. We hear about it more and more, and it seems new campaigns to stop it are popping up all over the country. But many people wonder- is distracted driving really that dangerous? Since 2010 the use of a cell phone to send any kind of electronic message has been banned in the state of Massachusetts.  Drivers could now face fines from $100 for a first offense to $500 for a repeated offense. This has forced many drivers to reexamine their driving habits and how much they tried to multi-task while on the road. However, there is more at risk if we drive distracted then just paying a fine.

Many studies on distracted driving have been conducted, which has led numerous states to place laws on the use of cell phones and other devices while driving. In one study conducted by Car and Driver magazine the reaction times of individuals sending texts, reading texts, and intoxicated were compared. The results were shocking.

  • An unimpaired individual took .54 seconds to brake.
  • If someone was legally drunk: add 4 feet to the stop time.
  • Reading a text or email: add 36 feet to the stop time.
  • Sending a text: add 70 feet to the stop time.

It is not just cell phones which can cause serious accidents, as was apparent in the recent case of a young driver who was reportedly looking at her GPS and did not see a pedestrian, who she struck and killed.  Regarding another accident where a teen was driving and texting and killed individuals, David Teater, senior director of transportation initiative at the National Safety Council said, “Clearly, being distracted is an extremely deadly thing that’s going on in this country and people need to understand that they just can’t do it.”

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