Workers Compensation: When An Employer Willfully Ignores OSHA Safety Standards

There are many forms of employment that carry certain risks for those doing the work. Construction sites are full of dangerous activities for workers, and onsite injuries are common in the construction field. One of the most dangerous jobs on many sites is trenching. Workers can often be placed in harms way when proper precautions against cave-ins and injuries from heavy machinery are not taken.

OSHARecently, one local employer was fined after an OSHA inspection revealed that their site had several serious safety violations. OSHA regulations state that any trenches that are 5 feet or deeper must be braced up with special equipment to prevent cave-ins, which could kill the workers in the trenches if one were to occur. When a company blatantly ignores these regulations, they will be charged with a willful violation and in this case, that fine was $28,000. All told, the company was fined $34,400 for various violations.

Work related injuries are much more common than many individuals realize, and if you or a loved one has been injured while working, contacting an experienced attorney who can help your case and guide you through the process of receiving workers compensation.

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