In Case Of A Hurricane, What Will Insurance Cover? Can It Be Disputed?

insurance coverage hurricaneNew Englander’s have felt a year of relief as we have made it through the 2013 hurricane season so far unscathed. After the damage of hurricane Sandy last year, many individuals were forced to examine their home insurance policies, as in some cases the homeowners were surprised to find that their insurance did not, in fact, cover the damage as they expected. Why is this? What should you know about your home insurance policies? Is it possible to dispute your insurance provider on these matters?

Most standard policies will cover the damage from hurricanes as a wind storm, however individuals should carefully examine their policy since it is not uncommon for the home insurance provider to require the homeowner to pay an amount anywhere from 1%-5% of their property value.

Any damage from flooding will not be covered by your home insurance, only by specific flood insurance. To be reimbursed for any damage from flooding, homeowners would have had to file for flood insurance before the flooding occurred.

By Massachusetts law, if a tree which has been deemed unhealthy blows over in a hurricane and causes damage, the owner of the land that the tree is on will be found liable for the damages caused by the tree. If the tree is healthy, no one would be held accountable for this and it is called an act of nature.

It may be difficult to prove some matters which you choose to dispute with your insurance company, and it is important for you to consult an experienced legal professional, one who is familiar with the inner workings of the insurance field, to assist you in dealing with your insurance provider.

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