Who Is Liable For Injuries At Sports Events?

Massachusetts residents are known for their loyalty to their sports teams. There are no fans quite like New England fans, and it is the minority of residents who have never been to a sporting event. While most of us view watching a sporting event as a rather low risk activity for the most part, a recent event shows the unexpected injuries that can happen at a sporting event. tlumacki_bruinsvscapitals517

Last week, some protective netting fell at a Bruins game, injuring two woman who were in their seats. When something like this happens, it often makes individuals wonder what they would do if that happened to them. And if you do sustain injuries while at a sporting event, can you expect to receive any compensation or is that just part of the expected risk that comes with attending such an event?

On the back of most sporting event tickets you can find a liability waiver, which can be viewed as a contract that protects the venue and teams from having to pay compensation in the case that someone is injured on the premises or during a game(e.g if someone were to be injured from a baseball into the stands). However, if the injuries were the result of negligence on the part of the facility in some way, that waiver could no longer apply. There is a lawful difference between negligence and accepted risk.  An experienced attorney can help to see whether your case is past the accepted risk and is actually gross negligence.

It is important that you know your rights to receive the compensation that you deserve if you have been injured. At Wynn and Wynn we pay attention to detail and are here to help you- whatever your legal need. If you have been injured at an event, contact us today for a consultation. Call 1-800-852-5211 or click here to schedule a consultation.