Can You Appeal Denied Workers Compensation Claims?

appeal deniedHave you recently suffered an injury on your job in the Taunton/Raynham area, and filed your workers compensation claim? As you wait in expectation of receiving your compensation, a letter may arrive informing you that your claim has been denied. This could send you reeling, especially if your injury is of a nature that you could affect your life for quite some time. Why are claims denied? If your claim is denied are there any steps you may take to appeal the denial?

The Most Common Reason Claims Are Denied

1.) Your claim was not filed in the time that your state requires for workers compensation claims.

2.) Your employer did not report the injury in time.

3.) Your employer is denying that the injury happened while on the job.

The reason why your  claim was denied will be included in the letter that you receive. If you are still unclear as to why your claim was denied, it is best to consult with a legal advisor who can assist you with identifying the reasons behind your denial and whether or not you may be able to appeal.

If you decide to appeal this decision be sure that you have plenty of medical evidence to back up your claim. You may find it advantageous to seek out an attorney, as the process can be very in depth,  and failure to complete certain steps properly and in order may result in your appeal being denied,when it could have possibly been heard had the proper steps been taken.

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