Can You Avoid Pretrial Detention?

Pretrial DetentionWorldwide, nearly 10 million people charged with crimes will be detained in the time period leading up to their trials. This process has been one that has come under review many times in the past, beginning in the 1960’s and reevaluated through the years. Pretrial detention is based on a series of points, which once so many factors are present, pretrial detention becomes the reality. What are some of these factors? What are the risks of pretrial detention? What can those accused of a crime do to avoid pretrial detention?

When deciding whether a defendant should be detained just some of the factors that come into consideration are; whether they have significant ties to the community, how long they have lived at their current residence, whether they have maintained the same job for the past two years, whether they are the primary caregiver to a child, or if they have any prior charges.

Many times, if a defendant does not have an attorney who can properly represent them and the reasons why they should not be detained, pretrial detention will win out. This is unfortunate for the defendant, especially if they are innocent, and are now forced to spend time in jail. This time in jail leads to more congestion in the already over crowded correctional facilities, while also causing the taxpayers many unnecessary costs.

What should a defendant do leading up to their hearing? Contacting an experienced legal professional is vital to receive the proper representation at this crucial time of your trial process. A skilled attorney can provide you the mediation that is needed to protect your rights.

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