Car Accidents On The Rise This Travel Season

The next few weeks will be filled with shopping and travel for New Englander’s, and for residents throughout the Raynham and Taunton area this time can also be a time filled with traffic, icy roads, high winds, and slushy snow. Aside from the overall inconvenience caused by this inclement weather and congestion, car accidents will be on the rise. What should you know if you have been involved in a car accident?

Several factors come into play following a car accident when it comes to receiving compensation. Often, when someone is injured in a car accident, it can be proven that the injury resulted from some negligence on the other driver’s behalf. When this is the case, the injured persons can receive compensation for their injuries. car-accident

Drivers can also receive compensation from the insurance company if it is found that they were not at fault in any way for the accident. Consulting with a legal professional during this process of investigation can assist you in your communication with the insurance companies to protect your rights.

What if the other driver didn’t have insurance or was under-insured?

It is still possible to receive compensation in a case involving an uninsured driver. In some cases, depending on the kind of insurance coverage that you have, your insurance company will also provide you with some compensation in the case of an accident involving an uninsured driver.

If you or a loved one has recently been involved in an accident, contacting an experienced legal team can help relieve you of the upset and confusion that can surround this time. Call the lawyers at Wynn and Wynn to discuss your situation and begin to discover your options. Request your free consultation, or call 1-800-852-5211.