Swimming Pool Liability For Homeowners


piscina2As summer is approaching in South Coast Mass, thoughts of warm weather, the beach, and swimming pools may be coming into your head. You may be considering installing a pool in your backyard this year, or you may already have one. While bringing a lot of enjoyment, swimming pools also expose you to a higher level of liability as a homeowner.

A swimming pool is something very attractive to children, which can pose many dangers. According to the Center for Disease Control, 3 children die every day as a result of drowning. In many cases, the child was out of sight for less than five minutes time. Ultimately, the responsibility lies upon the homeowner to make sure that their pool is secure and it is not easy for a child to fall into the pool etc. At times, a homeowner may even be responsible if a trespassing child is injured in their pool.

Massachusetts has placed specific laws regarding swimming pools, including guidelines for fencing and gates surrounding the pool. These laws may seem difficult to navigate, and an attorney may assist you to ensure that everything is up to these standards. Once these standards are met it is the pool owner’s responsibility to maintain the pool and warn guests of any possible dangers. You may not be considered responsible if an injury results from something that is considered an obvious danger (diving head first into a shallow pool, for example).swimming-pool-accidents

In the unfortunate case that someone is injured in your swimming pool, it would be wise to consult with your legal advisor to determine whether or not you had taken reasonable steps to prevent any such injury.

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