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By: Cara Kuzmiski| Law Clerk Massachusetts has been progressively taking a more liberal view on the use and regulation of marijuana within the state over the past eight years. In the 2008 election, Question 2 was approved which decriminalized the possession, by adults, of an ounce or less of marijuana. A person found in possession of less than one ounce of marijuana would receive a civil penalty… Read More

Trying to “catch’em all” is not a valid defense to trespass and the other risks of Pokemon Go!

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By: Attorney Dina M. Swanson| Partner It’s all the rage right now. You see people walking around staring at their smart phones or posting on social media their latest capture and wonder to yourself. . . what are they doing? It seems everyone is joining in on the newest craze, Pokemon Go, a free to play reality mobile game which was released in July of 2016 for IOS and android devices. Pokemon G… Read More


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By: Attorney Kevin J. O’Malley | Partner In a widely publicized case brought by the Department of Justice against Apple, Inc. in the United States District Court for the Central District of California, Eastern Division, the Justice Department sought to compel Apple to comply with a February 16, 2016 Court Order requiring Apple to assist in unlocking the cell phone of one of the terrorist sh… Read More

Important Information you need to know when charged with Operating Under the Influence (OUI) in Massachusetts

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By: Kate A. Messinger | Associate Facing a charge of Operating under the Influence can be frightening and confusing and it is important to understand that you have rights and options. Each case is unique and it is important to speak to a lawyer who will help to analyze the facts of your case and defend your rights. “OUI” stands for Operating under the Influence. You can be charged with OUI… Read More

Has your child suffered injuries from lead paint?

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Patricia Alexandre, Esq.| Law Clerk Families moving into an older home with children under the age of six should be extremely cautious of lead paint. Hundreds of young children are poisoned by lead paint in Massachusetts each year. Children exposed to lead may suffer from permanent brain damage, kidney failure, as well as behavioral and learning disorders. If your child has been injured as a resu… Read More

The potential criminal and civil consequences of Cyberbullying in Massachusetts

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Kate A. Desmond | Associate Throughout the country, and in Massachusetts, students in schools have always felt the effects of bullying. Unfortunately, today, the internet and social media have spawned a new kind of bullying, Cyberbullying. Cyberbullying has become the new phenomenon that affects our children. Today, the bullying does not cease when the school day ends, the ease of electronic comm… Read More

Stop and Search Of A Vehicle- Are You Required To Consent?

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It is common knowledge that in order for police to search an individual’s home, they need a warrant or probable cause before they can enter the premises. Many people are not aware that law enforcement needs the same documents or probable cause before searching a vehicle as well. Because many people don’t know this, when a Police officer asks them to consent to a search, they believe they have… Read More

Can You Avoid Pretrial Detention?

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Pretrial Detention
Worldwide, nearly 10 million people charged with crimes will be detained in the time period leading up to their trials. This process has been one that has come under review many times in the past, beginning in the 1960’s and reevaluated through the years. Pretrial detention is based on a series of points, which once so many factors are present, pretrial detention becomes the reality. What are so… Read More

Failed Breathalyzer Test- What Next?

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Massachusetts is known for its strict laws regarding operating under the influence or driving while intoxicated (OUI, DUI). These laws may result in implications that could affect you for quite some time. If you have recently failed a breathalyzer test and been charged with DUI in Southeastern Mass or The Cape and Islands, it is important that you are aware of your rights and receive the represent… Read More

Understanding Consequences When Making Plea Agreements

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When someone is brought up on criminal charges, in most cases a plea agreement will be offered to the defendant to lighten the consequences somehow if they are to plead guilty. In some cases, it has become apparent that the defendants were not fully aware of all of the consequences that would result from their plea bargain before agreeing to it. In a recent case, the defendant claimed that he did… Read More