8 Steps To Avoid Car Accidents In The Snow

car-accidents-after-a-snowstormMassachusetts and Rhode Island have had their fair share of snow this winter. With this week’s “surprise” snow storm, and 2 more snow storms on their way- it doesn’t look like we will be getting a break any time soon. For snow lovers, this is  great news. For the rest of us, the expected snow fall means extra long commutes to work, and increased risk of car accidents.

Living in densely populated areas, many of us are aware of the dangerous road conditions, decreased visibility, potential lane obstruction and an overall higher risk of every type of accident, including car accidents during and after a snow storm. What are some things we can all do to lower our risk of car accidents in inclement weather?
1.Clear snow from your vehicle and turn on your lights;
2.Leave room for stopping between yourself and the vehicle in front of you;
3.Pay attention and adhere to speed limits;
4.Be aware of current road conditions( following the Mass DOT on Twitter is a great way to get updates on road conditions before you head out)
5.Be extra cautious on bridges and highway ramps, as these areas are usually more dangerous;
6.Do not use cruise control or be over confident in a 4-wheel drive vehicle;                                                                                                                                                                                                       7. Stay off of electronic devices, avoid phone calls, and try not to adjust the radio
8.Avoid cutting in front of trucks and leave room for maintenance vehicles – stay back at least 200 feet and do not pass on the right;

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