Amount of Hip Replacement Lawsuits Continues To Rise

stryker-hip-implant-recall-rejuvenate-hip-2Our blog has featured some information on defective hip replacements in the past, and it is the unfortunate reality that the count of those adversely affected by these devices continues to rise. If you received the Biomet M2a “Magnum”, Stryker Rejuvenate, ABG II Hip Systems, or one of the defective Depuy implants, it is important that you are aware of some of the adverse side effects that these implants can cause, and what your options for compensation are.

What do these each of these implants have in common?
Each of these devices has shown to have an early failure rate, causing either severe hip pain, difficulty walking and standing, or in some cases these devices have even causes metallosis and infection due to their metal-on-metal design. While many of these hip replacements have not been officially recalled(some have been discontinued, but not recalled) , the effects are wide-spread and are not coincidental. Because of this, many individuals have already filed claims against the companies, and are beginning to receive compensation.
How can you go about receiving compensation?
Isolating and identifying what your hip pain is related to is key. Once this has been done, consulting with an experienced legal professional will help you receive the compensation that you deserve. At Wynn and Wynn, our experienced team has a history of helping people who suffer from ill effects from dangerous drugs and devices. Contact us today at 1-800-852-5211, or request your free consultation.