Boston Bombing Victim’s Compensation Options

Boston-Bomb2It has been two weeks since the horrible bombings that took place in Boston MA ,which left 3 dead and over 260 injured, and the city and the surrounding area in shock. The recovery efforts are now beginning to take place. If someone was injured in the bombings, should they expect some sort of compensation?

The One Fund has been set up to help those that were most affected by the bombings, and this fund currently has raised over $26 million for the victims. The lawyer that represented thousands of people affected by the 9/11 attacks, Marc Bern commented that a fund is “the easiest, the fairest and the quickest way to go.”

These funds may be difficult to navigate though. Kenneth Feinberg, the attorney that administered the distribution of funds in the 9/11 attacks and also the shootings at Virginia Tech, pointed out that identifying if you are eligible for compensation from the fund might be difficult. Also, if a victim takes money from the fund, they may have to waive the right to sue others for more compensation at a later time.

Once who is eligible for the funds has been settled, difficulties may still arise. In the case of those injured in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, some victims are still fighting over their personal injury claims with the foundation that oversees the fund.

If the victims will be able to claim insurance directly against the organizers of the marathon still remains to be seen, as this would depend upon whether the organizers insurance policy covered acts of terrorism or related incidents, and also the official pronouncement that the bomb was actually an act of terrorism.

Whether a victim chooses to receive compensation from the fund, or to search out compensation on their own behalf, it is important to have a lawyer who can represent your needs to guarantee you receive the compensation that you deserve.

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