Workplace Violence- Are Employers To Blame?

In a densely populated urban area like Taunton and Raynham, residents are unfortunately accustomed to hearing of cases of workplace violence. Convenience store clerks are held up, food delivery drivers are at a risk as they make their deliveries after dark, and in extreme cases,office workers have been seriously injured and even killed when a former employee raids their former workplace armed and deranged.

What most people don’t realize is that in these cases of workplace violence, the owners of the business can actually be found liable for the injuries and deaths that may result. In most instances, the company’s security measures were insufficient to protect their employees. Often times, even if their was nothing that the employer could have done to prevent the violence from taking place, they could have done more to provide evacuation procedures and additional safety measures.

If you are dealing with an injury, or the loss of a loved one because of workplace violence, the attorneys at Wynn and Wynn can help you through this difficult time, and can discuss with you your options and how you should proceed with the matter.

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