Fibromyalgia Drug, Lyrica, Can Cause Suicidal Thoughts And Behaviors

tumblr_inline_mnpudj4PrM1qz4rgpLyrica, the first drug ever produced for the relieving of fibromyalgia symptoms, along with neuropathic pain, posthereptic neuralgia, and partial onset seizures. The drug was produced by Pfizer to be the successor to Gabapentin- a popular neuropathic pain reliever. In 2008, the FDA released warnings that Lyrica could cause suicidal thoughts and behaviors in individuals prescribed the drug.

Since that time, many individuals have reported instances of the swelling of the mouth, face and neck while being on Lyrica- conditions that could be life threatening. Other common side effects of Lyrica can be blurred vision and a feeling “high”.

If you or someone you love has been prescribed Lyrica and has experienced harm due to these serious side effects, it is important to contact a legal professional to talk about your case. Demanding compensation can be an upsetting and complicated process, and proceeding without a lawyer could mean that you don’t get the compensation that you did in fact deserve. Talk to one of our experienced team here at Wynn and Wynn today. We have a reputation of assisting our clients and taking a keen interest in reaching their best interests. Call 1-800-852-5211 or request a free consultation.