Mirena IUD Presents Serious Side Effects

mirena iudScientists and Pharmaceutical companies are constantly coming up with new, improved forms of birth control. Many of these different forms quickly become popular, especially if they promise convenience. One such new form of birth control is the Mirena IUD. Intrauterine Devices have been a popular form of birth control in other countries for some years, and in the United States more than 1 million women have chosen to use the Mirena IUD. Unfortunately, some serious side effects from the insert have presented themselves.

The Mirena IUD contains a synthetic hormone, Levonorgestrel, which some women may be sensitive to, resulting in headaches, acne, and weight gain. Other common side effects of the Mirena IUD include ovarian cysts, and pelvic inflammatory disease. But these were not the only side effects, which have revealed themselves. In some cases woman have suffered from ectopic pregnancies, miscarriage, and the insert has implanted or perforated the uterine wall- requiring surgery to remove it. Links between the Mirena device and serious forms of cancer are also being investigated.

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