What Is A Mass Tort Case? Are There Options When Involved In One?

lawsuit-loan-class-action-mass-tortOur blog has taken a large focus lately on defective drugs and devices. In the past we have written about other major recalls which have changed the lives of many individuals. When these recalls happen and many lawsuits are filed against the companies involved, often the cases will not be handled individually, as this would take up a lot of court time and investigative efforts. Instead, multiple cases will be grouped together and settled. When this happens, the case becomes a mass tort.

Mass tort cases can be settled in many different ways. Some cases may be filed as a class action. Class action suits are when many people suffer the same injury or loss from a product. When this is filed, only a limited number of those involved in the case get to agree on what settlement is accepted. While this is the type of case that most people are familiar with, it is not always the best way for individual parties to receive their full compensation for their losses.

Another option when a mass tort case is filed is a multi-district litigation (MDL). When a MDL is filed, multiple cases are presented at once but the individual plaintiffs still hold the right to control their own settlement, and each victim receives compensation for their own unique injuries and losses.

Mass tort cases should not be entered alone, without the guidance of an experienced attorney. Dealing with a personal injury case can be upsetting and overwhelming enough, and a law firm with a track record of helping their clients can help you have confidence as you move forward with your case.

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